«The Green Shift» is a political term in Norway which holds a purpose of increasing the value of creation in production and services while simultaneously decrease the emissions and the negative effects they have on the environment. «The Green Shift» is crucial in our society today to conserve our nature, humans and environment. If this restructuring is going to uphold its purpose it is important that there are companies that holds the values of climate and environmentally friendly production and services and creates new activity along these lines.


Our business idea is to create and manage our values through investing in and managinge businesses linked to energy, environment, waste, agriculture and industry - working locally, nationally and internationally.


Our vision is to deliver the best products in the market - with minimal damage on the nature, climate and environment.
Our purpose is to use our powers, resources and activity to inspire and develop solutions which utilises resources in nature for the better, provides a cleaner environment and reduces the worlds environmental problems.


Fair and reliable: Innovative and forward-thinking: Engaged and hard working:
Fair and reliable means that we take responsibility, we are open and honest and we keep our promises. Innovative and forward-thinking means that we like creative thinking, to identify opportunities and to develop efficient solutions. Engaged and hard working means that we work with full power and commitment on the investments the company makes.