Geminor is one of the leading companies in trading and entrepreneurship for waste and energy recycling. The company has since the startup in 2004 been growing to one of the largest commercial operators in energy recycling of waste amongst the Northern Countries. Geminors headquarter is based in Norway, but the company also has departments in England, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

Geminor delivers service in waste treatment, energy recycling as well as transport of waste and logistic services. They have specialized in energy recycling of many different types of waste fractions and is cooperating with about 70 different plants for energy recycling in Northern Europe.


HT Gjerde Norge is a company developing, producing and selling a new method and tool for setting up fences. HT-fences (high tension/high tensile) has a longer lifespan and is easier to maintain than other types of fences. The company’s department of entrepreneurs are constructing the new type of fence solution for use in agriculture, public road constructing and industry, as well as a franchise business which today holds more than 20 franchisees, all based in Norway.


Haugaland Bioenergi is a local business managing receiving, grinding and delivery of biofuel to a bioenergy plant. The company is based on Storøy where they receive timber directly from local forestry and clearance projects from entrepreneurs which can be cleanup of power lines as well as projects linked to road development or other types of entrepreneurship. Timber received is dried and ground to pieces of about 50 mm, and temporarily stored indoor before delivery to bioenergy plants for production of heat and potentially electricity.

Haugaland Bioenergi is today the supplier of wood chip (treflis) to bioenergy plants linked to Vea sykehjem, Åkra videregående skole and Haugaland videregående skole. The company is working to establish more similar local plants with the same concept as the ones located in Vea, Åkra and Haugesund.


Geminor Waste Treatment (GWT) is an entrepreneur within the sorting of different types of waste.

At Storøy, GWT receives, sorts, grinds and handles around 25.000 tonnes of waste wood per year for Geminor. GWT will initially operate in all market areas where Geminor is active.


Vikingstad Eiendom was established in 2016 as a company for investment in property / real estate and businesses. The property Vikingstadveien 50 is owned by the company, which holds a private residential and a building for operation. The newly rebuilt building is used as a storage of various Equipment.