Vikingstad AS on Storøy

Vikingstad AS is renting an industrial area on Storøy, based north on the Island of Karmøy on the west coast of Norway. The area includes about 30 000 m², where a hall is placed on 5000 m² and 400 m² consisting of garages and office space. Historically the area was used for the production of oil from herring, and it was later the place for treatment of waste products that came from the aluminium industry. The tenants today are the companies Haugaland Bioenergi, HT Gjerde Norge and Geminor/GWT.

Geminor on Storøy

Storøy is one amongst many terminals Geminor is running in the Nordic Countries to optimise logistics and delivery of waste for energy recycling.

The activity Geminor is running on Storøy is regulated by a private concsession given by the county governor in Rogaland for receiving and treatment of waste wood. Geminor receives waste wood from Bergen in Nord-Hordaland all the way down to Stavanger in the south of Rogaland. They take advantage of the two way transportation of waste where the household waste from Karmøy kommune that is delivered to Bergen and Stavanger is combined with returning a load of waste wood. Waste wood is shredded to wood chip the size of 150mm and shipped overseas via Storoy for energy recycling in Europe.

HT Gjerde Norge on Storøy

HT Gjerde Norge`s activity on Storøy includes office buildings for operation of the business, buildings for producing tools for assembling fences and storage for fence materials for the company’s Franchisee takers, from all over Europe. This is delivered as a combined concept to chosen partners in Norway.

Haugaland Bioenergi on Storøy

Haugaland Bioenergi is a local business managing receiving, grinding and delivery of biofuel and wood chip (talle). At Storoy we receive timber, twings, branches and roots directly from private, lockal forestry and clearing/building projets from contractors. Received wood, twigs, branches and roots are dried and ground to pieces of fine fraction, respectively for delivery to bioenergy plants for production of heat and electricity, and wood chip for delivery as material for gardening (talle).

Wood chip - coarse fraction - biofuel  Wood chip of coarse fraction is stored indoors before delivery to bioenergy plants for production of heat and possible electricity. Haugaland Bioenergi is today the supplier of wood chip (treflis) to bioenergy plants linked to Vea sykehjem, Åkra videregående skole and Haugaland videregående skole. The company is working to establish more similar local plants with the same concept as the ones located in Vea, Åkra and Haugesund.

Wood chip - fine fraction – ”talle”  Wood chip of fine fraction is offered in the market as ”talle”, for use as soil improvement and as a support to gardening in general. ”Talle” is an environmentally friendly and very affordable alternative and is recommended for use both in private and public projects. These include farmers, fruit growers and landowners, hiking trails / hiking teams and / or entrepreneurs.

Vikingstad Gard at Vikingstad

Vikingstad Gard is located at Vikingstad on the west side of Torvastad. The farm is around 100 acres of land and includes agricultural buildings, annex, and warehouse.

Work is in progress to get exploited and developed the farm in the best sustainable manner.