Background Vikingstad AS

Vikingstad AS is the main shareholder in Geminor, and has in the previous years expanded its business by establishing and investing in local companies associated with environment, waste, biofuel and industry/agriculture.

These companies today include HT Gjerde Norge, Haugaland Bioenergi and Geminor Waste Treatment(GWT) and Vikingstad Eiendom.

Vikingstad AS was established by Kjetil Vikingstad in 2004 and is 100% family owned. Kjetil Vikingstad is graduated at the Norwegian College of Agriculture, today named Norwegian University of Life Sciences, based in Ås in Norway. His degree is as an agronomist, with special subjects related to environment, nature and resources.

After completing the studies in 1997, Kjetil Vikingstad started working as CEO at Haugaland Gjenvinning, in charge of two local investors - Ølen Betong and Vest Metall Retur. The business grew rapidly and became a pioneer in the waste treatment industry in Norway. Years later, when the ban on landfill in Norway came into force, the company was far progressed in relation to its competitors, being years ahead through its investment in waste sorting equipments for material and energy recycling.

Cooperating with Haugaland Gjenvinning, Kjetil Vikingstad, in 2004 bought the majority of the company Geminor, at the time owned by Gemidan. The goal was to build a business that would be the leading player in trading of waste in Europe.

Geminor has been working in an expanding market, and can demonstrate significant growth in its industry - both nationally and internationally. Today the company is considered one of the largest players on the waste market in Europe